Welcome pirate, you're about to embark on the biggest story you've ever had.
You come from a long line of famous pirates and you should sound your name in the
7 seas
The task of a good captain is not only: drink a lot of rum, shout to the sea and shoot your
cannons to seagulls. You must control the happiness of your crew, equip your boat
with the best guns, equip it with the toughest wood you can see, fill your reserves
of the most luxurious food you have and keep the rum under lock and key.

The pirate community trusts you. This is your moment of glory and do not forget that an ARR
It can sarrrrve your life.

Signed: King of the pirates.


Pirates May Cry.apk 33 MB
PiratesMayCry-Beta1-Windows.zip 25 MB
WebBuild.zip 14 MB

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